Three Persons Pushing Back by Atty. B

People have been reaching out, seeking legal advice. Atty. B. has been patiently and generously sharing his legal expertise to our fellowmen who feel trapped in the situation. The post below is shared by Atty. B. The heartbreaking scenarios of the three people in the article sound all too familiar these days. Read their stories:

The Elementary Teacher

The first is an elementary school teacher in Mindanao. Her principal gave her a memo reminding her of DepEd Division Office memo, requiring teaching and non-teaching personnel who are tasked to do on-site work to be vaccinated or to undergo RT-PCR test or antigen test every two weeks at their expense. The teacher gave the Principal a refusal letter but the latter threw it. The Principal said to the teacher that what the teacher is doing is crazy and that the letter will just be a laughing matter. The teacher sent me a video telling her story and she was crying.

My Advice:

” You have to go there and show you are willing to work in school. Give a copy of vax refusal letter and bring a witness to video the guard refusing you entry. Please give me full name, school address and email address of principal. I will write her now. Trust Jesus. God bless.

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The Teacher’s Reply via Email:

Thank you po Atty. sa time, andito po ako ngayon sa school, ng video aq na pumasok ako sa classroom ko , hindi ako hinarang ng guard, wala dw directive sa kanya kaya pumasok ako sa school, andito lng ako sa room ko, nghintay lng ako ipatawag niya as of 9:39 this morning wla pa naman ngpatawag andun lng sa office ang principal ko.

Sari-Sari Store Owner

The second is a senior citizen who owns a sari-sari store owner in Metro Manila. The barangay chairman threatened to close her store if she does not get vaccinated. Below is the chat I had with her relative:

Relative: “Good pm po, ask ko lang kung ano pwede ipresent ng relative namin sa barangay? Nagthreaten kasi yung chairman na ipapasara sarisaristore nya kung di sya vaxd. She’s 70+ years old na. Mahal daw nya tindahan nya kaya mapipilitan sya magpavax.”

Image: Aldwin Joseph Gimena

Me: “Una muna, nasa Constitution ang karapatan ng lahat na mabuhay. Property right yan. Kung sino gusto magsara, siya ang may “burden” to prove dangerous and to show law na applicable. Ibalik mo sa barangay ang tanong, “ano ang basehan nya?

Relative:  “Salamat po, sir. Forward ko na lang sa relative namin. Di pa naman bumabalik chairman.

Me: “Kunin mo full name, address ng brgy at email address ng Chairman, pwede ko padalhan ng email. Sumosobra na sila. God bless.

Office Worker

The third person works in an office in a Makati Condominium. The Office Administration sent out a memo requiring all employees working in the building, delivery personnel, construction workers, maintenance personnel, visitors and all applicants to show their vaccination card or result of a negative RT-PCRtest or an Antigen Test taken not more than two (2) weeks prior to entry inside the Building.

I drafted a letter for her to give to the Condo management:

You are bound to respect the rights of all legal occupants of the building. Imposing such restrictions adversely affects their operations and you have not shown any scientific studies and data to support your Memo.

Also, your Memo is contrary to the Constitution and RA 11525, which cannot be amended or superseded by an IATF Resolution or MMDA Resolution. There is no basis for you to discriminate against unvaccinated persons as even Dr. Fauci admits that both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated can still get Covid and both can still spread the virus. Moreover, Section 12, RA 11525 provides that “individuals vaccinated against Covid-19 as indicated in the vaccine card shall not be considered immune from Covid 19 x x x “. Also, please be reminded that DOJ Secretary himself  said that Covid vaccination cannot be an additional requirement for employment and business purposes, etc.

The Sad State Of Our Fellowmen

I have read and heard of many unvaccinated people being coerced to get the vaccine. The target population in NCR is already 100% vaccinated against Covid-19, according to MMDA Chairman Abalos. So why are they blaming the “few” unvaccinated?

Image: junpinzon

Let us all help those who are being coerced into undergoing an experimental medical procedure that has not been successful in arresting the spread of Covid, and has been shown to have caused many adverse events, such as deaths and serious injuries. How soon have we forgotten the Dengvaxia fiasco.

Proverbs 31:8,9

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
    for the rights of all who are destitute.
Speak up and judge fairly;
    defend the rights of the poor and needy.

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