We are humble, God-fearing citizens of the Philippines who believe in the Constitution that rules our beloved country, and pray for God’s abundant blessings to pour upon our land and our people.

We write to you now, recognizing the importance of the position you now hold, in the hope that you will protect and lead our people responsibly during these uncertain and treacherous times, armed with Wisdom, Truth, and Righteousness.

Mr. President, you have stated your intention to extend the COVID-19 State of Emergency until the end of the year. Under Republic Act No. 11332, a public health emergency exists when an infectious agent or biological toxin poses a high probability of death, serious injuries, or a significant risk of substantial harm to a large percentage of the population.

While there are ongoing COVID-19 infections, the deaths resulting from these infections are extremely low. Out of the 3.89 million COVID-19 cases officially reported in the DOH COVID-19 tracking system between March 2020 and September 8, 2022, 62,167 people have died.

This is an infection fatality rate of just 1.5%. In other words, 98.5% of people who tested positive for COVID have survived, many without vaccination. This is thanks to good supportive home care, time-tested natural remedies and repurposed drugs that are readily available, effective, and inexpensive.

For those who needed help, our resourceful doctors have taken seriously their role as healers and have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Governments all over the world are recognizing that COVID-19 is now endemic, are lifting pandemic measures, and are returning to normalcy. Countries such as the U.K., Australia, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Italy, and Singapore have already ended their states of public health emergency and have lifted mandates on vaccination, mask-wearing, and testing.

More than 70 countries – including the U.K., Australia, Italy, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia – no longer require proof of vaccination and RT-PCR testing for the entry of international travelers.

So COVID-19 is not as deadly as feared, and we know how to treat it safely and effectively. Please consider that in fact and in law, THERE IS NO COVID-19 PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY. Just as we live with the common flu, it is in our nation’s interest to simply live with COVID-19. There is no need for continual alarm systems and extreme public health measures.

There is no need to require vaccine passports, vaccine mandates, expensive painful RT-PCR testing, and masks which make us inhale our own waste and micro-fibers that damage our lungs.

There is a far greater threat to the security and very existence of our nation!

Since the administration of the COVID-19 vaccines starting in March 2021, thousands of Filipinos from all over the country have suffered adverse reactions and injuries.

According to the latest Philippine FDA Reports of Suspected Adverse Reaction to COVID-19 Vaccines as of 6 August 2022, it has received 105,897 case reports of adverse events following immunization. Out of these, there were 225,902 suspected adverse reactions, 9,426 of which were serious and 2,620 people died.

Under the precautionary principle, when an activity could possibly cause harm to human health, governments must err on the side of caution even if causality has not yet been fully established scientifically. It is also a fundamental principle of law that persons must exercise, at the very least, the diligence of a good father of a family.

Under its Charter, the FDA has the mandate and duty to implement a risk management plan that includes ordering the ban, recall, or withdrawal of any health product found to be imminently injurious, unsafe, or dangerous.

However, the FDA has stated that the reported deaths are “coincidental” on preexisting comorbidities or due to natural COVID-19 infection (after the vaccination that was supposed to have prevented serious illness and death!). Other serious reactions have been dismissed as “inconclusive due to insufficient information” or “still under evaluation”.

To make matters worse, not only has the vaccination program not been stopped in response to reported deaths and injuries: it has even been ramped up!

Just a few days ago, the Population Commission announced that 2021 was the “deadliest” in Philippine history, with 879,429 recorded deaths. This is an increase of 43.2%, 265,493 excess deaths, in a single year, in still incompletely compiled data!

Can these excess deaths be explained by COVID-19? Based on DOH statistics, there were 43,782 recorded COVID-19 deaths in 2021 which was just 5.0% of the total deaths from all causes. What accounts for the remaining 95% (835,706) deaths?

We are seeing a sharp increase in the incidence of heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, advanced explosive cancers, and myocarditis in apparently otherwise healthy vaccinated children and adults.

People are dying suddenly and unexpectedly in droves, leading to the “inexplicable” phenomenon of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). Yet, is this really a mystery?

Click on the image above to see FDA report.

Looking into the PSA vital statistics, there were no excess deaths in 2020! The excess deaths somehow started in March 2021 with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, and then escalated. Sharp increases in deaths coincided with intensified vaccination drives nationwide. Not only that: there were 10.7% fewer babies born in 2021.

The DOH assures the Filipino people that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. If this is so, why are there more than 105,000 reported cases of adverse reactions? If the vaccines work, why are people still dying of COVID-19? Why did deaths increase immediately after the vaccines were rolled out? If the vaccines are safe, why are more people dying than ever before?

Why has the PSA not released complete population data from October to December 2021 and why is it months delayed in releasing the 2022 data? Why is the FDA more than a month delayed in releasing its latest AEFI reports?

Why isn’t the DOH tracking and reporting the COVID-19 vaccination status of all COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths? Why are sudden deaths in young previously healthy fully vaccinated people being brushed off by our health authorities as coincidental?

The Filipino people are dying in droves. THIS IS THE REAL EMERGENCY.

Mr. President, you are the father of our nation, and we look to you for leadership and protection. We ask you to protect and defend the Filipino people from what is looking like genocide. We call for an urgent investigation into the relationship between the excess deaths, the declining births, and the COVID-19 vaccines.

We call for an immediate halt to all COVID-19 vaccination programs until such time that the safety of the vaccines has been clearly established. Australia has lifted vaccine mandates even for health care workers. The UK has rolled back its vaccine recommendations for pregnant and breastfeeding women and for children ages 5-11 years. Prudence requires that we do no less.

Existing laws protect our rights as individuals regarding our bodily autonomy, privacy, and health status. Please do not allow the World Health Organization, pharmaceutical companies, and other international and local corporate interests and self-serving individuals to usurp these God-given rights.

We urgently appeal for you to officially and unequivocally end the state of COVID-19 public health emergency on September 12, 2022 and to free our people from the bondage of COVID-19 tyranny. We look up to you, Mr. President, to stop the harm, save the Filipino people and usher in the official beginning of our nation’s healing and recovery.


  1. Yes Mr President ! 31 million lives voted for you , I wonder how many of them are still alive to witness your upheld integrity and Love for Our Nation and Our People,
    if indeed you are For God,, then Do the right things as God put you in your pedestal to do his bidding… Sir… we beg you , Pray and ask for his Divine intervention on your decision making. For God is in control ,..not You Mr. BBM !!!

  2. Amen! This Open Letter is so true. We need to know the FACTS so we can decide what is BEST for our nation. God Bless the Philippines!

    1. These facts will be impossible to deny or to refute, as the data is coming from the government.

      The President will have enough to make a sound decision.

      A decision that will brnefit ALL filipinos.

  3. Wow! 43% excess deaths increase in 2021. That’s when the vaccine rollout started. So this means that the vaccines are really the ones killing us and it’s not the virus? Why the hell DOH still want sour kids to be vaccinated. Do they not check their own safety data? I believe that our president will make the right decision on this.

    1. This is a heartfelt, hopeful plea from an Ilocana, to His
      President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.:
      Yes, Mr. President! We believe in your good heart and genuine love for the Filipino people, a lasting legacy from your father, our beloved former (andvour best) President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr.
      We HOPE that you would listen to your people and see their plight. The facts speak for itself. Your wisdom, we believe, will helo you see through the nefarious, evil intent of entities – the WHO, the pharma cabal, the global elitists, the WEF, etc. – who will nothing less than to reduce the Filipino populace, through these vaccines and boosters.
      We knock – unceasingly, persistently, and respectfully – on your Filipino heart. Save our nation! Save your people!

  4. This article is full of facts. You cannot refute as authors are using government data.

    In light of these undeniable facts, i know that our president will have enough to make a sound decision.

    A decision that will benefit all Filipinos.

  5. Thank you for being brave enough to call what we all know and see happening around us, but that no one is daring to say. Our beloved President is truly now one of the most powerful men in Filipino history. Will he save the nation and our beloved people, or will we sink along with the rest of the world. Philippines are bless with beautiful bountiful islands, and the world’s warmest people. Now we need to get smart. We need to truly rebuild for a bright future. I pray and manifest that the president and all the men and women working with him.see and respond to this call. That all Filipinos see what is happening and say no more. And join together as one to put right what has gone so terribly wrong. There must be accountability and reparations. There will also need to be compassion, foresight, planning, visionary implementation as we move beyond now There will need to be forgiveness as bitterness will not serve us well. We must never forget or rewrite this history. May God bless and guide us and the work of our hands.

  6. The excess deaths and declining births are not only happening here in the Philippines but ALL OVER THE WORLD. People don’t see and read about this in main stream media, the don’t see in Google search results bec the are censored in the net.

  7. Mr. President… the CHILDREN… they have no voice, they have no choice. Protect them from unscrupulous, unthinking, unreflecting, pretentious, gullible, arrogant, misguided, selfish ADULTS who follow blindly and choose to ignore the facts and figures on the virus and vaccines as pointed out in this open letter. Protect the unborn, the babies, the elderly, and everyone else in between. Protect us all for our own sake and for that of our beloved country. God bless us all.

  8. Based on facts presented by FDA , PSA, etc. Please halt the vaccination roll out Mr president and preserve life of our brothers and sisters Filipinos. We know that scientists and doctors from other countries discovered nqno , metallic and magnetic particles as one of the contents of the vaccines. So please investigate and re examined the vaccines contents with transparency to the public. Facts of deaths tell us of what is really the truth.

    1. Dear Beloved President , we ask you heed our request. Praying for wisdom and understanding to enlighten us all in these troubled times .

  9. wala talagang covid 19 public health emergency…. this is FRAUD… decorated w vaccine as icing of the cake… the cake itself is total fraud…. una walang maipakita na na isolate ang virus nito… so how vaccine be produced? inatake ang aged people dahil dati na silang may mga sakit…. the result is paglala ng mga ito and death… sa mga protocol na ginawa … lockdown n mask mandate… puro pampahina ng immune system… dahil sa dagdag na stress… anxiety… under physical activities… kawalan ng kabuhayan
    … imagine inilayo ang tao sa dagat at sikat ng araw… even simple walking halos hindi magawa… then itinuloy sa mga kabataan… ang resulta madami namatay…
    causes of deaths are not usually happened sa younger age …. lalo heart attack at ung Sudden Death sa dating masigla at malakas na tao at mid age n much younger…. this happens to whole world… na ngayon marami na ang natauhang bansa… ang Pinas maraming tao
    narin ang gising pero ang gobyerno kung baga sa nagising nag papa inin pa… hindi pa makatayo… sana lng pagtayo eh tuloy tuloy ng kumilos… wag ng sundan ang yapak ng nakaraang administrasyon…
    na pagdating sa issue ng plandemic
    halos walang ginawang tama… na resulta
    corruption… disinformations… at talagang pahirap sa taong bayan…. FEAR OF GOD … COMMON SENSE … AND LOVE OF HUMANITY… SANA MERON NITO ANG
    PBBM and administration to counter the crime against humanity na ginawa at ginagawa pa ng mga CABAL.

  10. We indeed are yearning for safeguarded living, thus we are pleading you mr. President, to mandate the ultimate stoppage of mass vaccination of COVID-19 of any variant , hence, you are the only one who rationally possessed the power! In doing so.
    May God be with us all.

  11. I believe that the unrecorded Adverse Reaction of COVID 19 vaccines is higher than the number recorded from FDA and the DOH. some of our friends died and some of them has now stage 4 cancer. My sister in law has stage 4 Cancer after more than 50 days getting a booster shot.

  12. The people living in the Philippines AND the rest of the world… were once again poisoned by the WHO… and big pharma with the governments help.
    This is all about money and control.
    How much extra money did the hospitals make on covid testing, isolation and PPE’s?
    This entire genocide stinks of a scam.

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