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Last December 12, 2022, the House of Representatives approved on third reading House Bill 6522 or the Philippine Centers For Disease Prevention And Control Act (CDC Act). This Act defines the powers and functions of the Philippines CDC and appropriates funds for its creation.

Under this Act, the Philippines will assimilate into its laws and be bound by the World Health Organization’s powers to unilaterally dictate national policies in the case of Public Health Emergencies under the WHOs International Health Regulations (IHR). The IHR are a legally binding agreement of 196 countries to build the capability to detect and report potential public health emergencies worldwide. They are currently being updated, with changes including giving sole power to the WHO’s Director-General to declare health emergencies even without consulting member-countries. This is dangerous. This relinquishes Philippines National sovereign rights to determine its own health priorities, policies and responses, and consequently cancels the Constitutional rights of every Filipino citizen to privacy, security, free movement, and autonomy in personal health decisions under any broadly defined and WHO declared public health emergency. security and privacy.

What does this CDC Act mean for our COUNTRY and for YOU?
Highlights of HB6522/ CDC Act and potential violation to the Constitution, Bill of Rights (BOR).


On March 15, 2020, the Philippines announced the State of Calamity in the country in response to WHOs declaration of Covid-19 Pandemic. Not having its own protocols in place, the Philippines followed the one-size-fits-all guidelines set by the WHO and by the  American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC).  These guidelines were applied simultaneously, uniformly across all nations; developed and developing, rural and urban not factoring local situations and the cost-benefits. Inputs, cautions and criticisms from non-approved experts were not entertained, were and still are being censored. Needless to the protocols were mostly unsuitable for our country’s situation and this cost our Nation enormous funds (which Filipino taxpayers shouldered), sinking us further into debt.

With this consideration, if the CDC Act is approved, WHO, a foreign entity, will now have unilateral power to decide what is appropriate for our citizens’ health. Does this not encroach upon our rights as a sovereign nation and individuals? Given the potential redundant roles this agency will play, do we not have enough existing agencies in place to take on the tasks so that our hard-earned taxes are not wasted? 


We, concerned Filipino patriots and taxpayers from all walks of life, are disturbed that our elected Congressmen unanimously approved this bill which threatens the sovereign right of our Nation. While consolidating roles and building cooperation between existing agencies in the country can only be good, the full management of these agencies must remain solely Filipino. This bill signs us up to the IHRs, sight unseen as to their amendments.  The broad provisions of this bill are open to both local and colonial abuse.  It will subject our Nation to unelected and foreign authorities who do not have the best interest of Filipinos at heart.  

We elected you to safeguard our nation and put the welfare of our people first and foremost.   We look up to you to protect our rights, freedom and dignity. We pray for your keen minds and discerning hearts as you deliberate this bill. Protect our Nation’s God-given autonomous right to decide what is best for our citizens.  We implore that you reject this bill! 


We are free because we do not live a communist country. The Philippines is our home no matter where in the world we are. We should live freely without coercion, force, threat, and discrimination. Our Nation upholds the rights and dignity of every Filipino through the Constitution. We have fought long and hard against many colonial powers to become the strong, proud, independent nation we are today. We should not allow history to repeat itself by giving  up our rights to external powers. The CDC Act makes the Philippines beholden to the WHO’s mandates and makes it vulnerable to foreign abuse. This bill will usher in forced vaccination, lockdowns, experimental treatment to our families under the pretense of  health emergencies (ex failed Monkeypox).  No one will be held legally liable for any death or injury to our family. This is a grave threat to our lives and this must never  be allowed

We must remember only Filipinos can decide for themselves  what is truly best for Filipinos.  We must not allow the CDC Act to be passed by the Senators we elected. 

Addressing the World Economic Forum delegates in Davos, Switzerland last January 17, 2023, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos emphasized that although there are external forces pressuring the country towards globalization, the priority of the Philippine government is to protect and  secure our country.  We affirm the President’s stand on nationalism and protectionism for our Nation.  Although both WEF and WHO are global movers, we should not be beholden to them. They are still foreign, unelected bureaucrats with their own agendas, and unconcerned with the welfare of Filipinos.

We call all our Kababayans to boldly and unequivocally oppose this bill to protect the future of our free and democratic country.  The sovereign right to decide the health and the future of the Filipino people belongs only to the Filipino people.

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