1. We are against discrimination. We do not believe in penalizing vaccine-free employees nor will we turn away vaccine-free customers.
  2. We are for freedom of choice. We respect the right of our employees and customers to make their own informed choices about whether to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or not.
  3. We are against coercive measures that pressure our employees and customers to subject themselves to COVID-19 vaccination which is experimental, risky, and for some, unnecessary.
  4. We uphold the rights of our employees to earn an honest living so they can feed their families. We will not subject them to COVID-19 vaccination that can endanger their lives, health, and personal safety.
  5. Vaccination is not the only way to fight COVID-19. There are safer, cheaper, more effective ways of protecting out people than injecting them with an EUA treatment which has known severe adverse effects.
  6. We should not be held liable for risks or costs of COVID-19 vaccine-related injuries, deaths, or lost productivity because of unreasonable, oppressive, and biased government policies such as IATF Resolution No. 148-B and public and private issuances that blindly follow it.
  7. We can protect the people’s right to health while upholding the Constitution and human rights. We stand by that commitment.

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