Open Letter to All News Editors and Writers

The government has announced a vaccine rollout for children ages 5–11 years. Now is the time for the mainstream media to stick to the principle of “Balanced News, Fearless Views”.

There is a need to call out the health agencies pushing vaccines for children. Investigate and ask for studies on the risk-benefit analysis of vaccinating children. Considering the 0.03% Infection Fatality Rate or IFR in children ages 0 to 4 years old and the many reported injuries and deaths from the vaccination, is it really safe to push thru with it?

Although the CDC states that the adverse effects of the vaccine are rare, there is a possibility for them to occur. The mainstream media must use their investigative prowess to look into the VAERS reports of deaths and injuries in other countries. Why don’t they call out the DOH and FDA for not reporting adverse events?

The mainstream media must also look into sources such as the Philippine Telegram channel (Covid-19 Vaccine of Philippines Adverse Reaction & Death) for COVID vaccine deaths and injuries of Filipinos who had one or two doses or had boosters. It is, after all, their job to look into all the sources of news and verify it, right?

The Nuremberg Code of 1947 states that any medical experimentation without free, informed consent is illegal.

The mainstream media have a responsibility to uphold. People’s consent to taking the vaccine must be based on full and unbiased information.

The mainstream media have been censoring Ivermectin and other early treatment protocols. This gives people no other choice but to get vaccinated.

It is also unfortunate that the mainstream media have failed to educate people on the importance of boosting the immune system thru vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and sun exposure.

There is also no mention of the importance of the natural immunity of COVID-19 recovered patients. Their immunity is better, or at least, equal to that of a vaccinated individual. But considering the fact that vaccinated individuals have to get boosters, it’s hard to say as to when their immunity will last. Aren’t these loopholes worth investigating?

Why don’t the mainstream media look deeply into the Philippine death statistics, which showed that there were no excess deaths in 2020 but 188,280 excess deaths in 2021? Aren’t these alarming numbers valid enough to make it to the local news?

The mainstream media’s actions, inaction, and silence on the real issue have contributed to scaring people into taking the vaccine. Although there have been one or two journalists from major broadsheets who have attempted to show the truth, the majority of mainstream media still continue with the same narrative, which is to take the vaccine! Why is that so?

Many Filipinos believe that there is NO other alternative to the vaccine and that effective and early treatment is NOT available or is downright unsafe and silly. If the mainstream media really did care about the Filipinos, they would have at least looked into this kind of information and given a balanced report on it. But did they? To this day, are they?

But here in the Philippines, children are next for the vaccination. Still, the mainstream media are silent about it. If ever they’re not, they are out there encouraging parents to get their children vaccinated. How easy they have forgotten dengvaxia!

We urge the mainstream media to stop turning a blind eye. The Filipino people deserve the truth. What happened to “Balanced News. Fearless Views? ”

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