Why are the Covid-19 Vaccines Still being Pushed in the Philippines? 4th Mass Vaccination Drive Ongoing 10-12 March 2022.

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Could vaccination with an obsolete vaccine designed for a legacy variant be more risk than benefit?

The government in the Philippines is conducting it’s 4th mass vaccination drive from March 10 – 12, 2022. This will be a door to door effort by vaccination teams, complete with military and police support, to vaccinate people who have not yet been vaccinated, teenagers, and those who are still pending a second dose or a booster.

The Philippines Government is targeting C19 “Vaccination” of 77 Million Filipinos by end of March, and 90 Million before President Duterte leaves office at the end of June 2022.

The following FACTs beg the question on why these products are still being pushed so hard:-

  1. The “Vaccines” were all designed to target Alpha Variant Covid-19 Virus spike proteins. Spike proteins have also been determined to be one of the C19 components most subject to change / mutation; further driven by vaccine pressure on the virus which adapts to survive and escape the vaccines.
  2. The “Vaccines” have been shown to be progressively less effective at preventing serious illness which was their claim; they are already known not to be able to prevent infection or transmission with any variant.
  3. Recent international data out of UK shows increasing C19 deaths with increasing number of vaccine doses. Could it be that the immune impacts of these vaccines become detrimental to C19 infection survival over time?
  4. The “Vaccines” have a very short window of efficacy. International data even shows negative efficacy after 4 weeks post dosing. How will vaccinating now, when there is no longer an epidemic in this country and the timetable for another “yet undefined” variant is unknown, with a short lived “vaccine”, provide any reduced severity of infection benefit for recipients?
  5. Omicron is finished in the Philippines, following a mass spike in January / February 2022, where given the positivity rates of over 40% for 18 straight days, nearly everyone would have been exposed and have natural immunity (if one still subscribes to the age old knowledge that infection results in immunity).
  6. Currently, despite much reduced lockdown starting 1st March, there have been no increase in cases. In fact, daily cases are less than 1000 a day (out of a population of nearly 110 Million), and decreasing for the past 8 days. Along with this, as case numbers depend on number of tests done, testing case positivity is also dropping and well below 5%.
  7. There will be another variant in time. What it will be is unknown. However, it is likely that previous omicron infection will provide at least partial or maybe full protection against it. Omicron infection recovery has been shown protective against the legacy variants.
  8. Any future variant is likely to be even further removed from alpha than omicron was, and thus previous alpha-variant “vaccination” is unlikely to provide significant protection. A vaccine with efficacy « 50% would not be approved if it were newly offered to regulatory bodies. This begs the question why governments continue to push the vaccine that is no longer working and already has demonstrated initial « 50% residual efficacy, and shortly after negative efficacy .
  9. The government claim benefits of vaccination outweigh risks. But do they? To date, nearly 2000 deaths have been reported to Philippines FDA, along with 10s of 1000s of injuries. As with international reporting systems, the local one is also suspected to be grossly under reported to. The catch call of correlation doesn’t equal causation is getting old!
  10. Further, evidence of severe and lifechanging adverse reactions, including deaths, continue to mount worldwide! Long-term consequences are still pending discovery! (Note: Pfizer’s recent forced data drop on adverse reactions to be looked out for makes for terrifying reading).
  11. There is still no explanation for the soaring excess deaths seen in Philippines, which started only since the beginning of vaccine rollouts in Feb-March of 2021. Further, we cannot yet see the impacts on excess deaths (if any) of the mass vaccination drives last November – December 2021, because that data is not yet released!!!
  12. Philippines Statistics Authority personnel admitted during a recent live feed presentation Q&A session that they do not have the data to determine causal relationship, if any between the vaccine rollout and the excess deaths observed within the same period.

Given all of the above, at this stage, not withstanding the soon to be expiring vaccines they want to use up, and the generous donations of vaccines from other countries, wouldn’t holding off or even taking an abrupt about turn in the vaccine push be wise?

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